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Teaching and Learning

How can we enhance teaching and learning?

Relative to the stated school goals and related action plan, our educational consultants work with individuals and teams to engage in the following process:

  • Identify areas of strength and opportunities for growth (e.g., content knowledge, content-specific pedagogy, general pedagogical practices such as engagement and assessment).

  • Plan professional learning at the division, team and/or individual level to amplify strengths and address identified needs within the subject area discipline, age group, and/or pedagogy. 

  • Expand content knowledge for teaching within the individual and team context.

  • Share and make explicit the work of effective instructional practices. 

  • Coach individuals and teams toward specific action steps for impacting student learning outcomes.

  • Engage educators in reflection and assessment of the application of their practice using evidence of student learning. 


Sample Results

  • Designed units

  • Common assessments

  • Rubrics

  • Team agreements

  • Protocols

pechersk school international kyiv.png

Case Study: Bringing Together
Mathematical Strengths in Kyiv

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