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Collaborative Culture

How can we work together to promote a collaborative culture in schools?

Relative to the stated school goals and related action plan, our educational consultants work with educators at all levels (senior leaders, department/team leaders, teachers) to:

  • Identify personal leadership dispositions, values, identity.

  • Engage with research related to leadership and the identified change model.

  • Analyze the current mind and skill set of school leadership in relation to a collaborative culture.

  • Envision, plan, and implement systems that support the ongoing development of distributive leadership.

  • Identify the strengths of the school’s collaborative teams. 

  • Provide the space for leaders and teams to reflect and refine through coaching and facilitation. 

  • Research, develop, and amplify the skills and processes of highly effective teams.

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Sample Results

  • Common agenda template

  • School-wide team agreements

  • Meeting standards

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Case Study: Integration of the Three Partnership Support Options

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