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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice Statement

Vision to Action Collaborative consultants believe every student, educator, and education staff deserves robust, engaging, barrier-free opportunities to achieve their full potential. We root our partnerships in a firm, mutual commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism to impact processes and systems within a school so students and adults thrive. In our partnership with schools, we will join together with them to:


  • Identify, address, and eliminate bias in ourselves and others;

  • Respect differences among us and within our partner schools;

  • Identify and dismantle institutional or systemic barriers to success;

  • Strengthen educators’ cultural responsiveness in instruction, curriculum, and communication with students, families, community members, and colleagues;

  • Expand our own and partners’ cross-cultural competence;

  • Create high-quality, rigorous learning experiences for students and educators;

  • Equip educators to meet the educational needs of every student;

  • Nurture and respect all aspects of students’ and colleagues’ identities; and

  • Support the development and implement policies and procedures to advance anti-racism.

  • What might schools expect from us in our Collaborative Cultures partnerships?
    Honor and respect the cultural and linguistic assets of students, educators, and staff; Establish norms for inclusive and respectful interactions; Acknowledge the uniqueness of each host school, student, and staff member; Engage in continuous reflection on our own work; and Surface and challenge white supremacy, racism, privilege, and other forms of oppression.
  • What might schools expect from us in our Macro System partnerships?
    Pose questions that require reflection and action on anti-racist and inclusionary practices; Support the school to frame the strengths of its local community rather than viewing it from a deficit approach; and Advocate inclusive representation in decision-making.
  • What might schools expect from us in our Teaching and Learning partnerships?
    Elevate student, family, and community ways of thinking and learning; Advocate for representation in curriculum, programming, and resources; Disrupt barriers to teaching and learning; Ensure that all students have equitable opportunities to learn; and Promote strengths-based learning experiences and instructional practices.
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