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Macro Learning Systems

Relative to the stated school goals and related action plan, our educational consultants work with educators at all levels to:

  • Understand the teaching and learning system.

  • Assess the current status in relationship to professional learning needs, teaching strengths and opportunities; student learning strengths and opportunities; school structures, policies, and practices related to teaching, learning, and professional learning.

  • Gain key insights from leadership.

  • Match findings to evidence-based practices, including standards for professional learning.

  • Recommend actions for priority focus related to school policies, practices, and structures, teacher learning experiences, and student learning.

How can we refine and enhance macro system work?

  • Facilitate meetings with selected representative school leaders and staff to develop a charge statement to clarify the scope of the work ahead, decision making authority, representation, timeline, cost, etc.

  • Facilitate and support teams in establishing an action plan to address high priority recommendations and stated charge. 

  • Facilitate implementation of the action plan to develop and/or revise existing practices, processes, products, and policies at the strategic level to support success related to school leadership and the teaching and learning system.

  • Coach system, team, and individual development, typically with school leaders at a variety of levels.

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Sample Results

  • Written or oral report of strengths/assets, opportunity areas, and recommended actions

  • Written action plan and methodology for monitoring implementation 

  • Written practices, processes, products, and/or policies 

  • Agreed upon written guiding documents (e.g., Mission, Vision, Learning Principles)

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Case Study: Integration of the Three Partnership Support Options

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