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to Action Collaborative 


We are a collaborative of independent educational consultants  with distinct, yet synergistic, expertise.


We are committed to working together as a team with our partner schools to present a customized and coordinated approach to professional learning.”

Rich Content +
Purposeful Processes
= Quality Results


Our Work

We support our partner schools in the complex work of making their mission and vision a reality. Our educational consultants offer diverse, yet philosophically-aligned, expertise to elevate student and professional learning through customized partnerships in three areas:
Macro Learning Systems, Collaborative Culture, and Teaching & Learning.

Our Core Commitments

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The Core Commitments represent our beliefs about the essential elements of a successful school community. They both guide our work and describe the many ways we can support partner schools in their continuous improvement efforts.

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Embedded in a Culture of Reflection

Partners engage in reflection throughout their work to assess their professional practice and its impact on student learning. Resulting data provide evidence to celebrate successes and inform necessary adjustments in the action plan.

Driven by Principles and Beliefs

School and consultant partners co-construct professional learning plans by connecting evidence-based practices and the partner school’s mission, learning principles, and strategic goals. We root our partnerships in a firm, mutual commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism to impact processes and systems within a school. Standards for professional learning inform planning and implementation. Professional learning, whether in person or virtual, is engaging, constructive, and outcomes-focused for each educator. 

Committed to Shared Responsibility

Clarity and cohesion support the school’s success. Educators at all levels, in collaboration with consultants, seek clarity and cohesion regarding specific roles and responsibilities related to the vision, action plan, and implementation of the identified outcomes.

Engaged in Collaborative Planning & Goal Setting

Educators at all levels and consultants work to identify student and educator learning needs and to set goals. With these goals in mind, the partners develop an action plan to support a strategic vision,  a collaborative culture, and shifts in teaching and learning.  

Developed Through Partnership Support Options

Partners commit to differentiate professional learning designs to meet school context and educator needs.  Learning designs and facilitation may include macro-system development at the strategic level and a wide  variety of effective practices in adult learning. 

Case Studies

Read about the impact the Vision to Action Collaborative is making in schools around the world.

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Integration of the Three Partnership Support Options

Megan began partnering with Pilgrim School in 2011 while working as adjunct faculty with Loyola Marymount University [...]

pechersk school international kyiv.png

Bringing Together Mathematical Strengths in Kyiv

Perchersk School International reached out to Vision to Action consultant Justin Johns in the spring of 2021 [...]

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"Over the past few years, teachers and learning leaders have had the opportunity to work with Michelle on a variety of curriculum and strategic initiatives. Michelle was very collaborative in co-creating PD workshops focussed on conceptual learning, developing interdisciplinary units and she graciously provided us with an abundance of professional experience and resources. Michelle really connects with teachers. She listens and understands the needs of the teachers and is able to customize sessions where teachers walk out with actionable ideas.  She is clearly very prepared for her workshops and has many strategies and insights to share." 

Tanay Naik, Elliott Cannell, and Daniel Cooper, UNIS Hanoi

"Justin Johns did an extraordinary job facilitating mathematics professional learning for our primary school team.  He was able to get the faculty excited to engage in an audit, reexamine their practices, and join committees even during a period when they otherwise had a lot on their to-do lists. Working with him had everyone highly engaged."

Cindy Beals, PSI Kyiv

"Kim Bane is a thoughtful, forward-thinking educator and leader. While school leaders can easily get caught in the minute-by-minute, day-to-day reactionary aspect of running busy systems, Kim is different. She continually takes on a calm, reflective stance -- coming back to the big picture as both a launchpad for meaningful actions and as an anchor for ongoing reflection. Kim understands group dynamics, the learning needs of professionals, and figures out ways to build capacity in educators to move closer to their goals.  Kim will be a valuable thought partner on so many levels for those schools fortunate enough to collaborate with her."

Mark Church, Co-Author Making Thinking Visible

Past & Present Partner Schools

We look forward to connecting with you and exploring the many ways in which we can help facilitate growth within your school.

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